Try Using Google Classroom

My post today is mostly to share a online resource with you if you haven’t already discovered it for yourselves.  Recently, in our social media groups there has been a lot of discussion about technology to use and not use and honestly it can get overwhelming.  Sometimes it can even make you feel like a horrible teacher because you aren’t using the techy stuff everyone else is using.  If you are one of those people who are feeling distressed or insecure about your teaching style STOP.  

Don’t get me wrong. I highly suggest using technology in the classroom.  It is the way the world is going and it can make your life easier and help your students be more engaged.  To keep yourself from burning out on trying to keep up, integrate one new thing at a time. Work on it for a month or until you become comfortable with it until trying to add something else.  

If you are gearing up to start the school year I would suggest starting your tech journey by integrating Google Classroom or upping your Google Classroom game.  If you aren’t sure where to start, there are a lot of resources online.  My favorite Google guru is Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler).  She is amazing.  She has great posts that you can read for yourself depending on what topic you are interested in.  This year I am going paperless by incorporating her digital rubrics template as part of  my classroom routine.  What is great about this is @alicekeeler has given you the template to use and  easy to follow steps for how to use it.  Once the template is created just make a copy and start grading.  At the press of a button grades will be emailed to your students.  

I hope this information was helpful to you.  If you want more information on Google Classroom read Alice’s posts or get your hands on one of her books. Good luck with all of your new integrations and remember that technology is just a tool we use to help our students learn.  What you do as a teacher is the most important thing in the educational process.

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