Dice activities! Why I can’t live without them.

Dice Activities I am constantly seeing posts in my social media groups about what is one thing in your classroom you can’t live without. For years I have pondered this question and answered it a million different ways. There has never been one thing I LOVE so much I can’t teach without…until now. I have Read more about Dice activities! Why I can’t live without them.[…]

Traditions Around the World

Traditions Around the World: With so many holidays and traditions around the world, I have been thinking about how we communicate those celebrations with others. Moreover, I wanted to know how our students could learn to talk about other holidays and traditions in the target language. With those thoughts in my head, I came up with an Read more about Traditions Around the World[…]

Creating Thematic ASL Lessons

Recently, I have loved reading on social media about how people have organized their classrooms. I enjoy seeing how teachers have decorated their boards and what they are doing in their classrooms. I noticed in these threads that there is a lot of discussion about lower level instruction and a lot of frustration about what Read more about Creating Thematic ASL Lessons[…]

What to do at the end of the year when students are checked out?

Every year I get to this point of the school year where the weather has changed, the students are restless and the ideas are running thin on how to keep their attention.  Even though I have done this job for 18 years this crazy end of the year phenomenon still sneaks up on me.  This Read more about What to do at the end of the year when students are checked out?[…]

ASL Games! Banish the boredom!

ASL games are like regular games only better. If you love playing games in your classroom or if you are on the opposite spectrum and have no clue how to integrate games during class time, you came to the right place. I am going to tell you why you should play ASL games in your Read more about ASL Games! Banish the boredom![…]