Fingerspelling Fun

Fingerspelling Fun! Fingerspelling can be a tedious learning task for students. It can often leave students feeling frustrated, lacking in skill, or even incapable or achieving success in ASL. To make fingerspelling fun, try to implement entertaining and creative ways to practice it. Most students respond well to games and activities that don’t feel like Read more about Fingerspelling Fun[…]

Dice activities! Why I can’t live without them.

Dice Activities I am constantly seeing posts in my social media groups about what is one thing in your classroom you can’t live without. For years I have pondered this question and answered it a million different ways. There has never been one thing I LOVE so much I can’t teach without…until now. I have Read more about Dice activities! Why I can’t live without them.[…]

Olympic Vocabulary Challenge

The Olympics are here so I want to share with you how to bring Olympic vocabulary practice to your classroom. It’s no secret our students love to play games. As teachers, we should love incorporating games into our daily lessons. They are great for review and repetition. They make learning fun. With the Winter Olympics Read more about Olympic Vocabulary Challenge[…]

Interpersonal Communication Ideas

Before I start with activities and ideas for students to do to communicate with each other, let’s look at what interpersonal communication looks like in the classroom.  The Ohio Department of Education has done an amazing job at explaining the process and the dimensions of interpersonal communication.  If you have time, I highly recommend you Read more about Interpersonal Communication Ideas[…]

Olympic Fun in the Language Classroom

Why the Olympics? Who doesn’t love the Olympics? The Olympics can bring so much fun into the language classroom. You can talk about countries, nationalities, sports, descriptions of people, clothes, weather and so much more. The Olympics are also not a topic seen in textbooks. It is something that happens in real life, in the real Read more about Olympic Fun in the Language Classroom[…]

Comic Strips in the Classroom??? How does that work?

Comic Strips Comic strips are powerful conversational tools available to use in the classroom at all language levels. The strips are short conversations that don’t need sophisticated vocabulary skills to understand or talk about the content. Comic strips are an authentic resource used to motivate the reluctant student or entice the visual learner. Comics give Read more about Comic Strips in the Classroom??? How does that work?[…]