May 29, 2017

Games & Activities

Tell Me More Conversation BoardTell Me More Conversation Board: Tell Me More is a communicative activity for upper level ASL students. This activity is great for partners, small groups or presentational conversations.Topics can be used at stations or as assessments. This can also be left on a sub day when there is no signing substitute. There are 16 various topics for students to ask partner(s) that allows open communication for responses. Activity includes: Directions, One game board with 16 topics, Color coded cards (4 of each color)


Have You Ever...Oh When?Have You Ever?…Oh When?:This is a communication activity for upper-level students. Activity contains 6 “Have you ever” questions for students to ask peers. Answers should be given and then students tell when it happened. This activity can be used over and over again because each time students will have different partners to ask the questions to. Questions range from funny, routine and serious. Activity works great as a station task, warm up, breakaway activity or sub activity. Enjoy this communication practice!
Activity includes: *6 Questions Cards with 12 questions each *1 Direction Card


Small Group Puzzle GroupingPartner Puzzle Quads: Use these puzzle pieces to create small groups in your classroom. Each puzzle has an image of a famous deaf person that is cut into 4 pieces to create a small group. Packet contains 12 puzzles equaling 48 pieces. Be creative, get students out of their seats and get communicating using this great idea for collaborative work.


Name 5 Board Game

Name 5 Board Game: This board game is a quick and fun way to get students talking in the target language. Use as a brain break activity, bell ringer, or just to have fun and build community in your classroom. This is a fun activity that can be left for a sub day. Print and laminate for multiple use. Use in groups, partners or individually for practice.



The 5 Minute Activity Bundle

The 5 Minute Activity: 11 pages of 5 minute talking prompts. Get students talking using this activity as a warm up, review, bell ringer, to fill the last 5 minutes of class, or as a brain break in the middle of class. Each page is in color and can be projected or copied and distributed to students. There is a space for them to keep their points.



Vocabulary Practice Activities and Games


Word Work Activities: This vocabulary practice/review packet has 12 activities to practice vocabulary. Packet includes printable worksheets, colored images for projecting and directions for the activities. There are activities for any level of ASL/ESL language students. Some activities can be used for independent practice, partner work or group work.


Partner Puzzle Pieces

Partner Puzzle Duos: Use these puzzle pieces as a creative way to partner students in your class. Puzzle pieces have 18 pictures/puzzles using art photos equaling 36 puzzle pieces. This is a great way to get students out of their seats and working with a variety of people in the classroom. Don’t let students work with the same person every day.



Traits Gap Activity – FREE DOWNLOADThis is a gap activity, or an A-B activity. Partners will use this worksheet to ask questions of their partner to find out information they are missing. This activity focuses on fingerspelling, tendencies, and personality traits.



The 5 Parameters Board GameThis is a “board” game designed to review signs. The focus of the game is for players to think about the five parameters and signs they know or can create by changing parameters and connecting like parameters. The game can be used for unit review, final exam preparation or a great sub activity. Game comes with:
1 Game board (1 computer size paper than can be enlarged)
3 pages of already created cards to use for review (63 cards with repeating cards)
1 page of teacher instructions on how to play the game


Personality Traits Dice GameStudents LOVE this game! Directions: Throw one dice then the other. The first dice gives you the number for the vertical line and the second dice gives you the number for the horizontal line. The total sum tells you which trait you ask your team about. Students can review vocabulary or extend the activity to talk about themselves and ask others questions.



Occupations Gap ActivityThis is a partner activity focusing on the practice of occupations, traits required for a job and courses or schooling the profession would need. This activity works well with the Signing Naturally unit 11 (new purple book) or the older SN book unit 10. Partners will help each other complete the missing information.


Sitting Duck Review Game ASL 1Sitting Duck Board Game ASL 1: Set includes 60 communication topics for students to talk about. Know that some students will be able to give vivid details and have a lot to say while others may only be able to use one sentence. Monitor the room during play and offer help to struggling students. Positive comments and modeling will help encourage students to continue playing the game.



Dice Game, StatesDirections: Throw one dice then the other. The first dice gives you the number for the vertical line and the second dice gives you the number for the horizontal line. The total sum tells you which state you will travel to. Use this game to review states or to create sentences about travel and ask questions to others about their travel. Great for past tense or future tense speaking activities.


Dice Game - ClothingDice Game Clothing: Use this fun game to give students the opportunity to practice clothing related vocabulary and Descriptive Classifiers (DCLs). This game also lets students be creative in putting together their own what not to wear outfit with the clothing on the grid.
Game needs 2 dice. Game can be played in small groups or with partners. Once downloaded, make as many copies as needed for your classroom. Laminate them to prolong the life of the document. Printing in color is highly recommended for descriptions.


Poetry Stations Bundle: Packet includes 4 ACTIVITIES. Use these activity stations for your students to create poetry about ASL, life of a student, discrimination, what they know about Deaf culture, or any topic you assign for the poetry. Stations can be used individually, on a sub day or as a class learning station experience. Packet includes:*4 separate activities (2 written, 2 signed) *Links to all materials needed including sources online for individual learning/viewing *Ideas for the teacher in implementing the lessons *Help on where to find materials needed *A free download to activity #1 can be found at poetry station lesson #1