Turn the Classroom Into a Board Game

Turn the Classroom Into a Board Game Is it really possible to turn the classroom into a board game? It is! I stumbled across this blog from Spanish Sundries that gave me an idea of how to turn the ASL classroom into a board game. In order to do this, you have to be willing Read more about Turn the Classroom Into a Board Game[…]

Why Thematic Units

“Why thematic units?” People are always asking me this. This is an easy question to answer. My first response is thematic units allow teachers to give students real-world opportunities to communicate. Secondly, thematic units have the ability to develop meaningful activities, tasks, and assessments. Furthermore, thematic units give students the ability to have higher level Read more about Why Thematic Units[…]

Positive Classroom Environment

Maintaining Positive Classroom Environment Getting students to use the target language is often a difficult challenge while trying to maintain a positive classroom environment. Seems like every day we teach it becomes more and more of a challenge to get students to use the target language. As teachers, we know that it is of dire importance Read more about Positive Classroom Environment[…]

Comic Strips in the Classroom??? How does that work?

Comic Strips Comic strips are powerful conversational tools available to use in the classroom at all language levels. The strips are short conversations that don’t need sophisticated vocabulary skills to understand or talk about the content. Comic strips are an authentic resource used to motivate the reluctant student or entice the visual learner. Comics give Read more about Comic Strips in the Classroom??? How does that work?[…]

Challenge yourself! Mix it up! Get them using the language!

Get them using the language: A while back I posted about communication first in the target language. I discussed the importance of communication in the language classroom. Today I want to talk about how we can mix it up to keep students engaged and get them using the target language. I know there are days Read more about Challenge yourself! Mix it up! Get them using the language![…]

Target Language in the Classroom

National language teaching standards strongly recommend that the World Language classroom stays in the target language 90 – 100% of the time. Many teachers don’t follow this rule for numerous reasons. They don’t know how. They think students won’t learn. Or they just don’t agree with the philosophy. Whatever the reason for not using American Sign Read more about Target Language in the Classroom[…]