Challenge yourself! Mix it up! Get them using the language!

Get them using the language: A while back I posted about communication first in the target language. I discussed the importance of communication in the language classroom. Today I want to talk about how we can mix it up to keep students engaged and get them using the target language. I know there are days Read more about Challenge yourself! Mix it up! Get them using the language![…]

Traditions Around the World

Traditions Around the World: With so many holidays and traditions around the world, I have been thinking about how we communicate those celebrations with others. Moreover, I wanted to know how our students could learn to talk about other holidays and traditions in the target language. With those thoughts in my head, I came up with an Read more about Traditions Around the World[…]

Communication First

By now we all know the 5 C’s of World Language teaching…Communication, Culture, Comparisons, Community and Connections.  They are, after all, the foundation to what we do as language teachers. How often do we think of these 5 components when creating daily lessons? And how easy is it to just focus on a few and Read more about Communication First[…]