Dice activities! Why I can’t live without them.

Dice Activities I am constantly seeing posts in my social media groups about what is one thing in your classroom you can’t live without. For years I have pondered this question and answered it a million different ways. There has never been one thing I LOVE so much I can’t teach without…until now. I have Read more about Dice activities! Why I can’t live without them.[…]

The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Communication

Peer-to-Peer Communication When I asked my students about communicating in class they asked for more short conversations with different partners and time to do this every day. They felt it helped them become more confident in their signing skills. As a teacher, I know this is true. Placing a student with the same partner all Read more about The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Communication[…]

Connecting Culture Through Communication

Culture permeates every aspect of our lives. We can’t understand others without having an understanding of their culture. As a language teacher, you are already aware of this. But our students may not understand that language is an expression of culture. Students need to learn that connecting culture through communication is essential for learning a Read more about Connecting Culture Through Communication[…]

Challenge yourself! Mix it up! Get them using the language!

Get them using the language: A while back I posted about communication first in the target language. I discussed the importance of communication in the language classroom. Today I want to talk about how we can mix it up to keep students engaged and get them using the target language. I know there are days Read more about Challenge yourself! Mix it up! Get them using the language![…]

The Ticket to Communication

Communication I hear from language teachers over and over again how difficult it is to keep students communicating in the target language. I agree this can sometimes be difficult but with a few tweaks in your day and how you present material, I think you will be surprised at what your students can do with Read more about The Ticket to Communication[…]

What to do at the end of the year when students are checked out?

Every year I get to this point of the school year where the weather has changed, the students are restless and the ideas are running thin on how to keep their attention.  Even though I have done this job for 18 years this crazy end of the year phenomenon still sneaks up on me.  This Read more about What to do at the end of the year when students are checked out?[…]