Introducing Classifiers

Introducing Classifiers Introducing classifiers can be a difficult task for teachers and students alike. Classifiers are often difficult for teachers because we have been using them our entire lives or we learned them years ago. Instinctively we use them. For students, they cause confusion because there is nothing in their first language to connect understanding too. How to Teach Classifiers Read more about Introducing Classifiers[…]

Interpersonal Communication Ideas

Before I start with activities and ideas for students to do to communicate with each other, let’s look at what interpersonal communication looks like in the classroom.  The Ohio Department of Education has done an amazing job at explaining the process and the dimensions of interpersonal communication.  If you have time, I highly recommend you Read more about Interpersonal Communication Ideas[…]

Why Feedback is Important

 What is Feedback Important? It is no surprise that the key to student success is a good teacher and quality feedback. Feedback is important to student achievement. Quality feedback provides students with an understanding of the material being taught and gives students clear guidance on how to improve their own learning. Major companies and business around the Read more about Why Feedback is Important[…]

Your Walls Can Teach Too! Bulletin Boards.

In this post, I talked about getting ready for the new school year. How about a new term? One step you need to not neglect is preparing your bulletin boards. Before you create decorative bulletin boards all around your classroom, consider what you want them to say to students and how you can use them as Read more about Your Walls Can Teach Too! Bulletin Boards.[…]

Organizing Learning Stations

Learning Stations Learning stations are great for student engagement but they often take a lot of planning and organizing for the teacher. When I first started creating learning stations in the classroom, I quickly realized some of them can take longer to plan than a traditional lesson plan. I am here to offer some suggestions to Read more about Organizing Learning Stations[…]

The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Communication

Peer-to-Peer Communication When I asked my students about communicating in class they asked for more short conversations with different partners and time to do this every day. They felt it helped them become more confident in their signing skills. As a teacher, I know this is true. Placing a student with the same partner all Read more about The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Communication[…]