Creating Thematic Units for Upper Level Learners

Recently, I have loved reading on social media about how people have organized their classrooms, decorated their boards and what they are doing in their classrooms.  What I noticed in these threads is there is a lot of discussion about lower level instruction and a lot of frustration about higher level courses and what to Read more about Creating Thematic Units for Upper Level Learners[…]

Use Traditions Around the World

So I am finally out of school for summer just in time to celebrate Father’s Day with my pop.  While thinking about the holiday and my family traditions,  I wondered how other people celebrated today.  Is Father’s Day celebrated in other countries?  It got me thinking about other holidays and traditions and how we communicate Read more about Use Traditions Around the World[…]

Connecting Culture Through Communication

Culture permeates every aspect of our lives and we can’t understand others without having an understanding of their culture.  As a language teacher you are already aware of this.  But our students may not understand that language is an expression of culture. We must bring culture to the classroom in order to develop and deepen Read more about Connecting Culture Through Communication[…]

Interpersonal Communication Ideas

Before I start with activities and ideas for students to do to communicate with each other, let’s look at what interpersonal communication looks like in the classroom.  The Ohio Department of Education has done an amazing job at explaining the process and the dimensions of interpersonal communication.  If you have time, I highly recommend you Read more about Interpersonal Communication Ideas[…]