Creative ASL Teaching

Creative, Inspiring and Fresh Ideas for the American Sign Language Classroom

Organizing Learning Stations

Learning Stations Learning stations are great for student engagement but they often take a lot of planning and organizing for the teacher. When I first started creating learning stations in the classroom, I quickly realized some of them can take longer to plan than a traditional lesson plan. I am here to offer some suggestions to Read more about Organizing Learning Stations[…]

The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Communication

Peer-to-Peer Communication When I asked my students about communicating in class they asked for more short conversations with different partners and time to do this every day. They felt it helped them become more confident in their signing skills. As a teacher, I know this is true. Placing a student with the same partner all Read more about The Importance of Peer-to-Peer Communication[…]

Connecting Culture Through Communication

Culture permeates every aspect of our lives. We can’t understand others without having an understanding of their culture. As a language teacher, you are already aware of this. But our students may not understand that language is an expression of culture. Students need to learn that connecting culture through communication is essential for learning a Read more about Connecting Culture Through Communication[…]

Why Thematic Units

“Why thematic units?” People are always asking me this. This is an easy question to answer. My first response is thematic units allow teachers to give students real-world opportunities to communicate. Secondly, thematic units have the ability to develop meaningful activities, tasks, and assessments. Furthermore, thematic units give students the ability to have higher level Read more about Why Thematic Units[…]

Positive Classroom Environment

Maintaining Positive Classroom Environment Getting students to use the target language is often a difficult challenge while trying to maintain a positive classroom environment. Seems like every day we teach it becomes more and more of a challenge to get students to use the target language. As teachers, we know that it is of dire importance Read more about Positive Classroom Environment[…]

Resolutions, Review and Revisits in the Language Classroom

How do you review vocabulary in the language classroom?  Resolutions are meant to be made in the New Year. I have a million I can make personally and professionally. What I really want is to make sure my students are prepared to move forward in the curriculum after returning from a long vacation. When students return Read more about Resolutions, Review and Revisits in the Language Classroom[…]